Will you create a design, pattern, or artwork for me?2019-03-18T16:19:43-06:00

Our custom mat creator tool gives you the freedom to put any image you want on your mat, excluding copyrighted material. In addition to the many images and designs that we provide and update regularly, you are able to upload your own images. If you are unable to make your perfect mat, please contact us, and we will do what we can to give you the mat of your dreams. Taking an idea and making it a reality can often require hours or even days of hard work, so we may need to build a quote specifically to your request.

What resolution do my images need to be for a game mat?2018-10-25T16:11:21-06:00

That depends on the size of your mat.  Our customizer tool has automation built-in that will inform you if your image is too small and will result in a printed mat that looks pixelated or fuzzy.  You can override this option and submit any image, but we suggest you use the highest resolution image possible.  If we notice an image may not meet acceptable print quality, we will contact you to be sure you still want to print it.  You’re also welcome to contact us in advance to ask if an image is acceptable for print.

What resolution (also known as PPI) are your mats printed at?2019-03-18T16:30:44-06:00

This depends largely on your mat size, but our common resolutions are 150ppi and 300ppi for larger mats.

What is the return policy?2019-03-18T16:20:56-06:00

Our goal from the start is to give you the mat you have always wanted. We stand 100% behind the quality and consistency of our product. We will make the mat that you order. That being said, if you receive a mat different from the way you ordered, please allow us the opportunity to make it right. If you are experiencing issues within 14 days of receiving your product, we are happy to replace, repair, or return your mat depending on the issue. Please contact us.

What is the lead time on an order?2019-03-18T16:27:17-06:00

Most custom mats are shipped within 14-28 days.  You will be able to track the manufacturing progress of your mat online.  However, due to the custom nature of each mat, this can sometimes be quicker or longer.  Standard mats often ship sooner if they are in stock.

What customization options do you offer?2018-10-25T16:10:59-06:00

From the beginning, putting the tools and options to create the gaming mat you wanted in your hands was our main focus.  The foundation of that is you can choose any shape, size, and image for your mat.  Our customizer tool has a ton of options, including adding text, numbers, multiple images, changing colors and so much more.  However, we can go above and beyond that with one-off custom orders.  Feel free to contact us directly if you have an idea you would like to become reality.  We will do our best to accommodate.

How thick are your mats?2019-03-18T16:28:00-06:00

Our standard mats are 3mm thick.  Our custom mats are closer to 3.5mm thick.  This provides a substantial and premium feel.  It’s the perfect sweet spot.  Some mats feel almost as thin as paper and others feel about as thick as a yoga mat!  Ours feels just right.

How should I store my mat?2019-03-18T16:25:59-06:00

Always roll your mat up fabric side facing outward if you are going to place it in long-term storage.  Never fold the mat as that will leave creases.  Often, the mat will curl slightly around the edges from being rolled up and stored for an extended period of time.  This curl will subside as the product lays out on your table.  Of course, if you’re like us and play games daily, you can leave your mat out on the table!  Just be sure not to eat Cheetos on top of it!

How precise is your cut process?2019-03-18T16:22:50-06:00

Extremely precise. We guarantee mats that are not stitched around the edges to be within 1/8″ of your dimensions.  Mats that are stitched are guaranteed to be within 1/2″ of your dimensions.

How do you print your images?2018-10-25T16:12:06-06:00

We use a dye-sublimation print process.  This ensures that the ink goes directly into the fibers of the fabric and provides a vibrant, permanent image.  This is the same process used on sports jerseys, which are known for their outstanding colors.

How do I clean my mat?2018-10-25T16:10:31-06:00

If some drink or food gets on your mat, we suggest you use warm water and blot it out as best as possible.  For more severe accidents, you can rub gently with warm water and a mild soap.  Our product uses a very high grade, premium fabric that is extremely soft to the touch and works wonderfully for card games.  But because of that, it is not prone to being used in the washer or dryer.  Please avoid putting your mat in a washing machine.  And be sure to lay it flat to dry.

Does your mat have a smell?2019-03-18T16:34:53-06:00

Yes.  The product is made primarily of a thick rubber material, which smells (as you can imagine) like rubber!  That said, our product is 100% manufactured, printed, converted and shipped here in the United States, and does not have as strong a smell as many of the Chinese-made products.  The smell typically goes away faster if you leave the mat out in the open.  However, it can take longer to go away when stored in it’s tube.

Do you cut round, oval, octagonal and other mate shapes?2018-10-25T16:07:49-06:00

Yes! Absolutely! This is one of the main reasons we chose to automate our cut process.  We wanted to allow anyone to get any shape mat they wanted.  Our online customizer tool may not allow for every mat shape to be built on your own, but please feel free to reach out to us directly.  We will work with our full adobe software suite to create the shape mat you want, send you a proof image scaled to size for your approval, and work on building a quote for you.

Can the mat be used outdoors?2019-03-18T16:24:54-06:00

Absolutely, but I wouldn’t suggest leaving it outside.  The product should not be left in extreme weather conditions.  Room temperature is typically best.  That said, taking your mat outside on a nice sunny day with a cool breeze to play a card or board game for a couple hours is encouraged!  Just be sure to bring it back inside when you’re done.  It’ll likely stay cleaner that way too. Please be aware that the sun will naturally bleach the colors over time.

Can I save my custom mat to edit later?2018-09-07T19:25:30-06:00

Yes!  While at the custom mat editor tool, click the save icon, login, and voila! To pick up where you left off, simply log back into your profile and edit your draft.

Can I buy a larger size than what is available online?2018-09-07T19:25:51-06:00

Yes! Our mats can be nearly any length. Send us an e-mail with your custom size request, and we will be sure to reply back with pricing. However, the width or our mats is limited to a maximum of 50″.

Are you shipping to my country?2019-03-18T16:36:42-06:00

Yes!  But due to the custom nature of each mat, we are not able to ship in bulk to fulfillment centers.  Instead, each mat is shipped single parcel from within the United States, typically via UPS.  If your country is not listed as a standard shipment option, please simply drop us an email, and we will be sure to provide a shipping quote for you.

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