René Aigner
René AignerArtist

I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator and concept designer for over 10 years.

My professional work includes book illustrations and covers, assets for mobile and browser games as well as visual development and concept art for computer games and film.

I was responsible, among others, for the illustrations of Asshai featured in ‘The World of Ice and Fire’.

Sam Turner
Sam TurnerArtist
My aspirations as an artist are in the continuity of my career goals, the creation of a style that is my own, and the will that fits into my worldview.

I describe my artistic work in three stages: Observation, Understanding, and Creation. My major inspirations include Darek Zabrocki, Fenghua Zhong, and Feng Zhu.

I mainly work in the board game industry, especially with my own company; Raven Tales.

Pavel Vophira
Pavel VophiraArtist
I am a freelance concept artist working mainly for video games and movies. And i really like what I do. Can’t imagine my life without art because for me it is a way to move forward. I respect all kinds of creativity. Also i write experimental electronic music, play different instruments and take part in the creation of custom desktop role-playing games.

As a recent graduate of a Game Art Design degree I am just starting out my artistic career, hoping to either become a concept artist for games/film or pursue full-time illustration.

I spent a lot of my education developing traditional art skills and have a wide appreciation for countless artists, though some of my current favourites would have to be: Jae-Cheol Park, Ayami Kojima, Guangjian Huang, Alphonse Mucha and Jeremy Mann. My top theme preferences are horror and fantasy based, drawing upon my enjoyment of classic literature and dark thriller films.

I am an entrepreneur, concept artist and illustrator. I am self motivated, energetic and very passionate about my work. I have been working as a freelance artist for six years and had the pleasure to work on Lord of the Rings LCG, Valhall (the first medieval battle Royale game), Brotherhood (motion picture) directed by Richard Bell, Dreamchaser tabletop game which was nominated for the best art in 2018 Indie Groundbreaking Awards, and for some great production companies like Virgin Produced, Flyingfox Studios and Red Dragonfly. My painting style is inspired from Impressionism and includes the use of very expressive brushstrokes.
Adam S Doyle
Adam S DoyleArtist
I’m an artist & illustrator, regularly exhibiting in galleries and working with publishers. I went to Rhode Island School of Design, lived in Rome, worked on sets in Los Angeles, got my masters at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, lived for a time in New Zealand and Hong Kong. Ongoing themes include love for the human mark, mythology, energy, and our connection to nature. My paintings, covers, cards, and more can be found at

This collection of artwork comes from the globally popular living card game series, Android:Netrunner, brought to life by Fantasy Flight Games. FFG has graciously given me permission to make my over a hundred illustrations available as playmats. This collection includes eighteen of the most popular. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this terrific game and have the support of the wonderful gaming community.

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Terrains, Game Layouts, and Backgrounds

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